Today the problem of energy conservation in Ukraine constantly escalates and becomes more global significance. Specific energy consumption in Ukraine is much more than in Europe, this refers to the construction industry. The vast majority of houses that exist in Ukraine does not meet the requirements of energy conservation.

In developing the current projects of new buildings is to increase its energy efficiency, renewable clean energy sources (sun, earth, wind, etc..) development of energy-efficient buildings and energy This will reduce the pollution of energy products processing, and significantly increase energy savings. Energy efficiency of buildings is possible by optimizing the parameters (shape, proportions, the distribution of insulation, orientation) and others.

A new method for increasing the energy efficiency of buildings enerhoekonomichnosti (reducing heat loss through walling, solar energy for heating and hot-water) by optimizing the geometrical parameters sided buildings. These are the optimal parameters as: proportion of buildings at different geometry plan (reducing heat by 15 percent);

parameters of optimal redistribution heater (resistance to heat loss opaque and translucent structures) in a heater or a defined number of investments in insulation (reducing heat loss by 15 percent);

payback period of warming buildings in certain investments;

optimum orientation heliopryymachiv at various derivatives and other data.

The method features the opportunity to optimize several parameters simultaneously at various derivative data. The program Solar House, which allows the designer to interactively-computer to determine the optimal parameters at the stage of architectural design.


As a result of research by optimizing the proportions of buildings in the city of Kyiv (the proportions of variables (a, b, h,)) the effect of reducing heat loss was 5.68 percent. When optimizing redistribution heater (variables insulation resistance heat loss (Rst1, Rst2, Rst3, Rst4, Rdah5, Rpid6) - Heat losses were reduced to 11.23 percent. When optimizing redistribution heater (variables insulation resistance heat loss (Rst1, Rst2, Rst3, Rst4, Rdah5 , Rpid6) and optimization of building aspect ratio (ratio variables (a, b, h,)) reduce heat loss accounted for 12.31 percent.

First step: theoretical study on energy balance model specification external envelope (1 year - 10 thousand euros).

Second phase: refinement of all out complex programs Solar House (1 year - 10 thousand euros).

Developments may be used in designing new energy efficient buildings, reconstruction of existing and the design of ordinary buildings.

Author: Martynov Viacheslav Leonidovich

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor,

Head of Department Engineering and Computer Graphics

Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradsky National University

(tel (0536) 743 308, ddd151@yandex.ru)