"Transport. Freight transport by road "

1) We suggest the firmware method that allows to automatically plan the routs of motor transport engaged in distributing goods to numerous urban and suburban sales outlets from the manufacturers and distributors storehouses. The topicality of the proposition consists in the fuel consumption reduction and deliveries routs optimization proceeding from considerable transport charges content in production value as well as in the necessity of the elimination of motor transport negative ecological stress on the environment.

2) The firmware differs from several known routing and navigation programs by its orientation on loop routs and on “business solutions” which decreases the city-wide trucking. The built-in macros designer and language allow synchronizing warehouse and transport systems and adapting the system’s interface to a business individual peculiarities. The firmware uses the algorithms of the optimal automobiles routing guided search including the operation factors as follow:

This information is presented in the program as a database - the relevant directories and editors for their corrections.

Fig. 1 – Database developer, “Automobiles” directory and “Automobiles directory” editor.

In compliance with the data presented the firmware provides optimization simultaneously on the two criteria – trucks load and routs optimization. The program’s results are as running schedule for every car, deliveries schedule and routs mapping. In case if a GPS monitoring device is installed on a vehicle the program provides the control of the automobile’s correct routing fixing all the deviations in time schedule and space.

Fig. 2 – Route mapping. Driver’s running schedule.

3) The program has been implemented in several enterprises of Ukraine. As the results of its implementation show the automobiles’ mileage shortening to 15-45%, the coefficient of an automobile load is raised that leads to diminishing the delivery cost.

4) The implementation of the program is introduced in several stages. The first stage (4 weeks – 5,000ˆ) consists in the city routs network specifications, creating the enterprises database zones, the configuration of the database and reference books for the needs of the company. The second stage (2 weeks – 2,000ˆ): the test routing and implementation. The third stage (2-4 weeks - 200ˆ per an automobile): the GPS modules installation on the automobiles and starting the data receiving server. The fourth stage (2 weeks 5,000ˆ): The enterprises served database server’s launching and adjustment. The creation of the centralized monitoring and analyses system, analytics configuration, mathematical modeling, reports and statistics preparation. The necessity and succession of the stages depend on a company’s specific character and peculiarities.

5) The related fields of the methods used are as follow: the compound routings optimization, the municipal transport (for instance refuse collectors) and farming machines field transport servicing.

Scientific supervisor: Kiryanov O.F., PhD. Tekhn. Sciences, Assoc., Dean of the vehicles and technologies KNU named Michael Ostrogradskii (380536636392, kiranov@kdu.edu.ua).

By the author and executive in charge: Korobov A.À., MSc, PhD student Department of Transport Technology KNU named Michael Ostrogradskii, director of the company realizing the firmware implementation and support at commercial enterprises. (380509070375, korobovupc@rambler.ru).

Artist: Pereverzev, A.G., MSc, PhD student Department of Transport Technology KNU named Michael Ostrogradskii.