The chair of manufacturing Engineering

(Technologic of machine building)


If you need to improve production quality and operate reliability, to increase output and cut production cents mike we of Univercitises explosive metal working technology and equipment.

The Universities developments in the field resulted from our specialists' Inventions are introduced into industrial production

Thanks to innovations and improvements the technology evokes complicated attachment. It is simple and accessible. The attachments prevent workplace member failure and may be used repeatedly because It resists dynamic and pulse load actions. Residual deformation of the surface being worked does not exceed 1.5- 2.0%. Our Universities has the following technologies available:

1. Explosive hardening based on metal crystalline structure change. The technology ensures the depth of the hardenable layer up to 40 mm, and plastic deformations are practically excluded. Ser vice life is Increased 2- 3 times.

  1. Explosive multilayer dad-ding.

The technology makes it possible to tightly bond almost any metals and alloys including such metals and alloys as those not weldable by any other means.

High bonding quality is guaranteed even when the surface area of the product to be explosively welded is up to 30 sq. m and when welding 60 to 100 layers of different metals including those reinforced by high- strength Inclusions. Coating thickness range is 1× 106 to 45 mm while base metal thickness is not limited. Manufacturing of carbon nanofilms.

Cladding of inner and outer surfaces of complicated shapes is possible as well at of materials and blanks of different kind, such as coatings, forgings, rolling stock.

3. Explosive sheet forming of large size parts.

The suggested process is highly economic, specific quantity of metal of the equipment and attachments is reduced 15 to 20 times, costs are reduced 6 to 8 times as compared with traditional forming by press.

4. Multilayer ends and shell monolithic edges. The technology ensures high plasticity and resilience allowance to dynamic loads all over the vessel surface. That permits to manufacture multilayer pressure vassals 1400 atm and more).

Utilizing our technology you'll increase labour productivity 3- 4 times, reduce consumption of expensive and critical materials and alloys by 50- 80%, minimize machining, considerably improve quality of production.