1) Propose a new method of surgical correction of strabismus man with the moments of forces oblique muscle.

2) Method is the oblique muscles, which have a considerable length, which significantly affects the biomechanics of the oculomotor apparatus.

3) The technical result is the result of the forces of all the muscles, as well as coordinates of transplantation muscles (the muscles).

For today the problem of strabismus not fully resolved. According to medical statistics 5% of children suffer from some degree of strabismus. The main way of elimination of strabismus remains operative intervention. The essence of any operations on the occasion of strabismus in changing the tone, then there are forces of one or another muscle, or in the place of the application of this power. Empirically were created operations and schemes of surgical treatment, which, with greater or lesser success, to eliminate squint at the majority of patients. The horizontal friendly squint have learned how to operate successfully enough, vertical - much worse, and A-V-X syndromes, in spite of the fact that for them to take more in the end of the fifties Of the xx century, until the last time, guaranteed not learned to no one. Thus getting started operations ophthalmologist surgeon has hope only on their own experience and good luck.

Empirical methods are not enough effective, through the large variety and complexity of such a squint. Therefore, to further increase the efficiency of strabismus surgery need a computer system preoperative planning of surgical correction of oculomotor apparatus. Such computer systems exist, they are in the structure of three- dimensional model of a third cranial the machine, but they can at best serve as educational stand for acquaintance with the arrangement of oculomotor apparatus, because they do not have in their structure quantitative indicators for measuring the parameters required for surgical correction.

The computer system will give an opportunity to present the reasons and mechanisms of development of certain forms of a squint, as well as to predict the results of surgical interventions on the oculomotor muscles ah.

Using the computer system preoperative planning of surgical correction of oculomotor apparatus, ophthalmologist surgeon will be able to choose the optimal tactics of surgical treatment and dosing of operative interventions for a specific patient.

4) A model of setting up a computer system preoperative planning fig.1.

5) First stage: the theoretical research is conducted.

The second stage: debugging of the software, the construction of diagnostic complex (10 thousand euros).

The third stage: testing and introduction in medical institutions (twenty thousand euros).

6) Related industry: "biomechanics".

Scientific supervisor: Mospan V.A.,candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, head of chair of "Electronic devices".

The author of the idea: Emchenko V.I., candidate of medical sciences

Executor: Kukharenko D.V.,assistant of the department "Electric machines".