Center of professional development and adaptation

Training of foreign students for entering higher educational establishments


Dear foreign citizens

You are welcome to training for entering Ukrainian higher educational establishments (License of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine series AE 636104) in Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University (KrNU) training centre of professional development and adaptation in the following fields:

- Engineering,
- Engineering and economic,
- Economics,
- Humanities

The training duration is 10 months.

The main tasks of training for entering of foreigners are:
1) forming of knowledge, abilities and skills in the volume necessary for further successful studying of foreign students in Ukrainian higher educational establishments;
2) forming of necessary minimum vocabulary and professional terms (according to chosen speciality) in Ukrainian;
3) creation of necessary conditions that promotes to rapid adaptation of foreigners in a new social and cultural environment.

The complex of subjects depends of the chosen speciality. The obligatory subjects are
- Ukrainian
- Country-specific studies
- Basics of informatics and computing engineering.

Future specialists in engineering and engineering-economics study Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Drawing, specialists in economics study Mathematics, Economic and Social Geography, Basics of Economics; specialists in Humanities study Basics of Ukrainian and World Literature, History, Economic and Social Geography.

Training of foreign citizens is done on the basis of subject programs written in accordance with typical plans and programs developed by educational and methodical commission of Education and Science Ministry of Ukraine in pre-university training of foreign citizens.

The training of foreign citizens consists of practical classes, lectures (in the second semester), individual work, additional classes or consultations where teachers explain the material that is difficult to understand by learners. Foreign citizens take differentiated credits in all subjects, a written and oral exam in Ukrainian at the end of the first semester. Learners of the faculty take credits and exams in Ukrainian, Chemistry, Physics and major subjects at the end of the second semester. During the semesters the rating of training achievements of foreign citizens is done.

An essential part of the training process is the educative work both during the classes and after them which includes familiarization with the laws of Ukraine about foreign citizen status, rules of living and travelling on the territory of Ukraine, customs and traditions of Ukrainian people, organization of excursions, parties taking into account the customs and traditions of foreign citizen countries.

Foreign citizens can arrive to study on invitation of State sample and a visa support of Education and Science Ministry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The documents necessary to get an invitation for studying are given by representatives of intermediary firms:
- a copy of the passport,
- a copy of the secondary education certificate,
- a copy of the additional form of the certificate with grades in all subjects,
- a consent to the processing of personal data.

The above-mentioned documents are applied to the training centre of professional development and adaptation on arrival of foreign citizens for pre-university preparation:
- passport or identification card and its copy,
- secondary education certificate and its copy,
- additional form of the certificate with grades in all subjects and its copy,
- medical certificate about health and conclusion of the possibility of studying in Ukraine, issued not later than two months before the arrival,
- health insurance policy if other is not provided by international agreements of Ukraine,
- 4 photos (matt) - 30x40 mm.

The documents must be translated into Ukrainian (Russian) and notorized.

Dear foreign citizens,
The pre-university preparation in Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University (KrNU) training centre of professional development and adaptation opens new possibilities for you:
1. You will gain knowledge in Ukrainian and subjects of general educational cycle necessary to get a higher education in Ukraine.

2. You will be able to continue studying not only in our University but any other in Ukraine.

preparation to entering a higher educational establishment an educational-qualified level
an educational-qualified level
postgraduate study
1 year 4 years 1,5-2 years 4 years

3. You will have the possibility to take part in interesting and exciting student concerts, festivals, contests, excursions, sport tournements and competitions, to know the culture of Ukraine and Kremenchuk town.

Entering any faculty of Mykhailo Ostrogradsky Kremenchuk national university
- you will become a qualified specialist,
- you will get a bachelor or magister diploma of European standard,
- you will have the possibility to continue postgraduate studying,
- you will have unforgettable student years in Ukraine and make new friends.


Dear friends,
Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University (KrNU) invites you to preparation for entering course (learning of the Ukrainian language) in training centre of professional development and adaptation.

The cost of preparation for entering course for foreign citizens is 600 US dollars according to the NBU course on the day of payment.

The cost of living in a university hostel equals 25-30 US dollars per month.

Average expenses on registration and getting an information equal 100-150 US dollars.

The cost of books, methodic books, workbooks for studying at the faculty of preparation (the language preparation) equals 50-100 US dollars.

An average cost of three-meal nutrition of a foreign student in the university canteen is 3-5 US dollars a day.

For further information tel.: +38067 163 58 38.