About our University

W E L C O M E   T O   K r N U


Dear applicants!


You have a very difficult task today - the right choice of a profession and accordingly the choice of a higher education establishment where you will spend your best years.

University education forms your knowledge and abilities in independent, prospective, and professional thinking. Our university teachers actively use new educational technologies; they make every effort to change the usual stereotype that "Study is the process of many hours of dull cramming of facts". That's why we look for talented youth capable of extraordinary thinking, decision-making, and science advance. To all our future students - the future of Ukraine and our university depends on you!

Kremenchuk National University can trace its origins back to 1920. Today it is the only state institution of higher education in the Kremenchuk region and one of the largest educational establishments in the Poltava region. Today KrNU takes first place among the higher education institutions of the Poltava region in the consolidated ranking of the Internet-source OSVITA.UA and fifth place in the TOP-10 of higher education institutions in the Central region of Ukraine. The university is becoming internationally recognized according to different world rankings: QS World University Rankings (KrNU is one of 28 Ukrainian universities included herein); QS EECA Ranking Top-200 Universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia (it is one of 14 Ukrainian universities included herein); Ranking WEB of Universities WEBOMETRICS (the 34th place among 291 Ukrainian universities).

The creative potential of the teaching and research staff at the university, its material, technical and laboratory facilities, widespread contacts with industrial enterprises, traditional partnership with educational institutions abroad give us the opportunity to train specialists to a very high and modern standard following the motto: "Urbi et Orbi" which means "for City and World".

Your immediate future you will be tough as you face examinations. This period is a test of all the hard work that you and your schoolteachers' have put in. This may be your first self-independent step in your adult life. Take it seriously!

Dear parents! My special thanks to you for your approval of your children's decision to study at Kremenchuk National University which, I assure you, will become a real Alma Mater for them.

I wish all applicants good luck, good marks and successfully done tests!



Yours faithfully,

M.V. Zagirnyak,

Rector of KrNU
Academic of the National Academy
of Pedagogic Sciences of Ukraine
Honoured Scientist of Ukraine
Doctor of Sciences
Member of the Order of Merit


T H E   U N I V E R S I T Y   T O D A Y


KrNU is a unity of the best traditions of classical education and innovative technology


The university's strategic goal is to implement the principles and ideals of the Bologna Declaration; by striving to provide an education which meets the international standards, to guarantee the competitiveness of the graduates, and to ensure the recognition of our higher education diplomas abroad.


Studying at KrNU is carried out in two scientific institutes (The Institute of Electromechanics, Energy Saving, and Automatic Control Systems and The Institute of Mechanics and Transport), four faculties (Faculty of Electronics and Computer Engineering; Faculty of Economics and Management; Faculty of Law, Humanity and Social Sciences; Faculty of Natural Sciences), two colleges (Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrohradskyi National University College; Komsomolsk Polytechnic College) and 28 departments. KrNU provides training for Bachelor's, Specialist's and Master's qualifying degrees. There is also a successful Centre for Professional Development and Adaptation.

   PhD degrees can be received due to postgraduate studies in 19 program subject areas (Physics of Apparatus, Elements, and Systems; Mathematical Modelling and Computational Methods (physico-mathematical sciences); Dynamics and Durability of Machines; Pressure Working Processes and Machines; Machines for the Production of Building Materials and Constructions; Road Building and Land-reclaiming Machines; Electric Machines and Apparatus; Electrotechnical Complexes and Systems; Radiotechnical and Telecommunications Equipment; Control Processes and Systems; Information Technologies; Geotechnical and Mining Engineering; Wheel and Track Vehicles; Technology, Equipment and Production of Electronic Devices; History of Ukraine; Economics and Management of National Economy; Economics and Industry Management (by sectors of economical activity); Theory and Methodology of Professional Education; Environmental Safety). Doctor of Science Degrees can be received due to postdoctorate studies in five program subject areas (Mathematical Modelling and Computational Nethods (physico-mathematical sciences); Pressure Working Processes and Machines; Electric Machines and Apparatus; Electrotechnical Complexes and Systems; Environmental Safety). There are seven specialized academic councils for supporting postdoctorate (in four program subject areas) and PhD (in 13 program subject areas) dissertations.

   About 5,000 full and part-time students are educated at KrNU every year. A further 2,500 full and part-time students are educated at the two colleges every year.

   There are 400 university teachers providing the study process; included in this are 51 Doctors of Science, Professors and 185 PhD, Assistant and Associate Professors. There are 13 academicians and seven corresponding members of Ukrainian Academies of Sciences, 16 holders of the state honour titles, seven winners of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technics, 15 winners of the Prize of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for Young Researchers.

   The main goal of the University is the implementation of the state's priorities: initially - to increase access to higher education of the highest quality to the younger generation. In recent years the number of the areas of study has doubled, and the number of specialties has increased from 18 to 32. The education process includes the state of the art technologies for studying, business games, and problem seminars. Besides, it has also been implemented a system of module-rating control of knowledge. A great attention has been paid to the use of computers for the purpose of studying allowing for increased self-study by students. Technologies used for the study of professional foreign language has been developed and widely used; enabling self-work skills to read professional scientific original literature. The implementation of computer control diagnostic complexes, the creation of virtual programming complexes on the basis of virtual instrument technology have raised the qualification of the future specialists to a principally new level.

   The university administration team works at improving the material and technical base; developing to meet new special requirements. Students have at their disposal 26 modern computer laboratories with Internet access, an electronic library with a computer hall, 60 specialised laboratories, a publishing office, two canteens, a students' caf?, a concert hall, a campus with four dormitories, and a modern sports centre: a sports complex "Polytechnic" which includes a stadium which can accommodate 10,000 spectators, a main and training football pitch, nine sport pitches, an indoor swimming complex, facilities for track and field, four 'gorodki' courts, six specialised technically equipped gymnasiums for physical training and an indoor rock-climbing centre (the only one in the region).

   The library houses almost 400,000 books. Every year KrNU publishing office adds more than 400 copies of training aids and method guides to the library inventory. For the last 5 years KrNU research and teaching staff has published 23 monographs and more than 30 training aids with the Education and Science Ministry's approval. This number considerably exceeds the accreditation requirements (this makes up less than 5% of the teaching staff's publications).

   University departments make every effort to provide a unity between educational and research activities and actively encourages increased participation in them. Thus, interest and wide-spread resonance in Ukraine caused scientific working-outs of the following departments: "Systems of Automatic Control and Electric Drive" - in the field of energy-saving problems, diagnostics and monitoring in electro-mechanical systems; "Biotechnology and Human Health" - in the field of physics semi-conductors problems and physical chemistry of solid surface; "Technical mechanics" - in the field of rock destruction mechanism problems. Under the leadership of the rector, Doctor of Engineering Sciences Professor M.V.Zagirniak and the scientists of Lyublyana University a joint Ukrainian-Slovenian scientific research project titled "Soft-magnetic composites in design of electro-magnetic structures" was successfully completed. Scientists of the Ecological Safety and Natural Management department, under professor V.M.Shmandiy's leadership, work actively at problems related to environmental protection and drinking water purification. They initiated the creation of the "Kremenchuk water-meadows" regional landscape park, which was the 1st park on the aqua-area of the Dnipro and the 2-nd one in the Poltava region. More than 800 students were involved in the scientific research. 15-17 International conferences are held at the university every year; including The Annual International Scientific technical conference "Problems of Energy and Resource Saving in Electrical Systems. Science, Education and Practice" enjoy a considerable authority.

   The scientific journal "Transactions of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University" is the university's main journal (it includes volumes on "Engineering", "Pedagogy", "Economics"). It publishes the outstanding scientific achievements of the KrNU and other Ukrainian scientific institutions. The journal is reviewed in the "Ukrainika Naukova" national database ("Dzherelo" abstract journal) and international databases Ulrich's Web Global Serials Directory, eLIBRARY, Index Copernicus, Polish Scholarly Bibliography, Infobase Index, Inspec, Open Academic Journals Index, Google Scholar, CiteFactor, and Scientific Indexing Services, VINITY (Russian Academy of Science), e-Library (Russian Science Citation Index) - all increasing our scientists' citation rate. Currently the journal has applied to be included in the following international databases: Scopus, Compendex, and EBSCO. The university also issues four other professional editions - "Electromechanical and energy saving up systems", "Ecological safety", and "Up-to-date resource- and energy- saving technologies in mining industry" are published; "Engineering and educational technologies at electrical and computer systems" is an online quarterly theoretical and practical journal. About 1000 publications are issued annually.

   The university collaborates with 72 foreign higher education institutions and research institutions in 25 countries. It cooperates with numerous foreign scientific, educational, industrial institutions, international educational organizations, programs and funds: Fulbright, IREX, DAAD, ERASMUS+, British Council, UREKA, Open World, etc.

   KrNU is a permanent full member of the following prestigious European and international academic associations:

   - European Universities Association;

   - International Association of Universities;

   - Black Sea Universities Network;

   - Euroasian Universities Association.

   Students acquire skills in management, team-work and decision-making by involvement in self-governing institutions (i.e. students' councils and trade unions). The most active students complete some interesting forms of work: the contests "The Best Student Group", "The Student of the Year", volunteering, charity events, information auctions aimed at promoting a healthy way of life.

   The university created all conditions for interesting leisure time thanks to the Department of Cultural Mass Work, as well as the students' council, the students' trade union and the students' public cultural centre "Art Club". Students can also pursue their own artistic interests in 19 different classes: vocal studio, dance clubs, student's theatre, club of intellectual games, debate club, and so on. Four amateur groups have got the title of 'national': vocal-instrumental group "Quintessence", vocal studio "Dominanta", theatre-studio "Lilea", and choreography and plastic arts studio "Na mezhi pomizh".

   There are other interesting public events: University Day, Faculty Day, Institute Day, the annual student amateur art festival "Students' Spring", KrNU league "KVN" championship, open "KVN" championship for KrNU rector's cup, "Miss KrNU" contest. There exist traditions of literary-artistic meetings, subject evening parties, discotheques.

   The university can be proud of its sports achievements. 20 sections of sports improvement work at the sports complex "Polytechnic". Every year KrNU combined teams take part in the Poltava region summer student games, where they win prizes. 8-12 students participate in international sports competitions, 15-20 represent our university and win prizes at all-Ukraine competitions.

   The creative potential of the university's teaching and research staff, material, technical and laboratory facilities, the widespread contacts with industrial enterprises and traditional relations with the leading educational institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries gives us the opportunity to train specialists to a high standard. In recent years the rapid development of the university has received excellent reviews from both society and state. These advances that have been made by KrNU are acknowledged by the awarding of third place among higher education institutions of Ukraine which was based on the number of prize winners of the Ukrainian contest of student researches and the seventh place on the number of prize winners of the Ukrainian contests, the fifth place in TOP-10 of the higher education institutions of the Central region of Ukraine, the first place among the higher education institutions of the Poltava region and the 38rd total place in the consolidated ranking of the Internet-source OSVITA.UA "Ukrainian Higher Education Institution 2015" among 269 Ukrainian universities, the 56th place in TOP 200 best higher educational institutions of Ukraine held by UNESCO Department. Since 2011 the University received a lot of awards (Grand-Prize "Leader of Higher Education" and Certificate "Quality of Research Publications" on the data of SciVerseScopus in 2013; Grand-Prize "Leader of International Activity" in 2014; Grand-Prize "Leader of Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activity" and Certificate "Quality of Research Publications" in 2015) in frame of the international exhibition "Modern Education Institutions".

   The university is internationally recognized according to different world rankings: QS World University Rankings (KrNU is one of 28 Ukrainian universities included herein); QS EECA Ranking Top-200 Universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia (it is one of 14 Ukrainian universities included herein); Ranking WEB of Universities WEBOMETRICS (the 34th place among 291 Ukrainian universities); Ranking SCIVERSE according to the international scientometric database SCOPUS (the 62nd place among 128 Ukrainian universities).

   Today Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University successfully combines the best traditions of national higher education, international experience, and modern educational requirements in the context of globalization.