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Department of Computer and information systems


Main functions of computer and information systems department are University computer fleet operation, maintenance, and development; University computer networks management and development; creation and maintenance of software products for University and other organisations needs


Division head: Tupikov Pavlo Serhiyovych

Telephone: 38 (536) 74-26-60





Center for International Activity (CIA) comprehensively promote the internationalization of the education system in Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University. This Centre regulates all international contacts of the University, searches for new contacts with foreign Universities-partners and organisations, collects and propagates information about international educational programs, funds, grants, linguistic schools, possibilities of training and probation abroad for students, post-graduate students and teachers. 

Director: asc. prof. Andrii Gladyr, PhD
Tel.: +38 05366 32011



Department of scientific research


Scientific-research work of the university faculty is focused on provision of organizational-pedagogical, scientific-methodological conditions of educational process with the aim of specialist training which meets the modern society requirements; broadening of scientific information base of KNU taking into consideration new achievements of national and world science and technology; training of scientific and scientific-research establishments in region and in Ukraine; development of actual scientific-research (fundamental and applied) projects financed by budgetary and non-budgetary funds and also according to the commercial contracts with enterprises and organizations.


Division head: Trotsko Oleg Valeriyovich, associated professor, Candidate of Science (Tech.)

Telephone: 38 (5366) 3-62-17



Department of information and analytics


Division head: Suvorova Olena Ivanivna

Editor-in-head of the newspaper Named Ostrogradskiy: Bugay Irina

Telephone: 38 (5366) 2-20-51. E- mail:


Department of cultural mass work


Division head (artistic director): Plaksiy Tamara Mykolayvna

Telephone: 38 (5366) 3-41-11


Department of probation and placement


Department of practice and employment assistance to the specialists organizes and carries out control of students practical training, places in a job specialists, training of which was conducted on the basis of state budget and commercial form of studies. The Department cooperates with the Job Centre, organizations and enterprises of our town and region.


Division head: Tsybulnyk Ninel Nesterivna

Telephone: 38 (5366) 2-22-94. E- mail: